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Sciences Program at Garneau

Garneau also offers Sciences alternative programming, one of EPSB's teaching philosophy programs of choice. It is a grade K to 6 program that supports students in building academic skills through investigation and hands-on learning to understand how the sciences shape our world with an emphasis on environmental citizenship, working collaboratively on research projects, and participating in community service activities.  

Garneau uses a ‌project approach‌ to develop critical and creative-thinking skills while integrating science concepts across curriculum with an emphasis on incorporating real-world learning experiences. Students explore the process of asking questions, seeking information, and demonstrating learning using a variety of sources and methods.  This exploration incorporates inquiry, design, environment, arts, and science. Our Sciences classes are organised in combined grade groupings to foster relationship building and to provide students with opportunities for collaboration and leadership.  Benefits of our program include opportunities for students to engage in in-depth study of different research topics and an improved ability to think logically, to reason, and problem solve.  

Our Sciences Program teachers believe that children learn best when:

  • teachers are responsive to individual learning needs and interests
  • children are interested in what they learn
  • there are opportunities to learn in depth, building on everyday experience
  • there is provision for active investigation, observation and discussion
  • children's inquiry is guided by their own questions and desires to learn
  • children can interact first hand with people, objects, places and events
  • children can represent their learning in a variety of ways
  • learning is memorable rather than memorised

Garneau Sciences Program Information

If you have questions about whether this program would be a good fit for your child, please contact the school.