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Parking is at a premium at Garneau School. There are limited numbers of spaces for visitor parking in the east parking lot as the numbered spaces are designated staffparking only. Parents should be using the parking available on the street surrounding the school for pick up and drop off of students. There are two areas on 86 Avenue that are designated bus zones where parking is not allowed during the day. Please use the street parking (read the signs carefully as times vary) or the limited spaces marked ‘visitor’ in the West lot. You must report to the school office and sign in if you are longer than 20 minutes.

Parents are advised to be careful not to park in designated EMERGENCY PARKING AREAS in the east and west parking lot.

Student Safety

Student safety is a priority. Please ensure that you are using the sidewalks and walkways when dropping off or picking up your child. Walking through the parking lot during these times can be very dangerous as drivers and visitors backing in and out of the parking lot are often unable to see children in their mirrors.

Please choose safety over convenience and refrain from walking through the parking lot with your child. Please use the school ground sidewalks and walkways.