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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Garneau School is a place where relationships are nurtured: relationships with people and with learning. We believe in the uniqueness and worth of each individual in our global society and that education is a shared responsibility. All staff are dedicated to providing meaningful instruction and fostering high academic standards consistent with the Garneau and Child Study Centre programs.

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  • Garneau Program

    Garneau Program

    Garneau (Regular) Program

    Garneau School’s kindergarten to grade six program supports in-depth learning focused on 21st century knowledge, skills and attitudes. Students learn competencies such as collaboration, creativity and communication through an inquiry and project approach to learning. Literacy and numeracy are central to instruction in all classes. Our Garneau program provides children with meaningful opportunities to be active participants in their learning.


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  • Child Study Centre Program

    Child Study Centre Program

    The Child Study Centre (CSC) program is a grade K to 6 program that provides an environment for in-depth learning focused on 21st century knowledge, skills and attitudes.  Methods informing CSC instruction are project approach and inquiry-based strategies.  Through this approach to learning, competencies such as collaboration, creativity and communication are developed. The CSC program is grounded in an educational philosophy which is a distinctive feature of the culture and style of instruction:

    Children learn best when:

    • teachers are responsive to individual learning needs and interests
    • children are interested in what they learn
    • there are opportunities to learn in depth, building on everyday experience
    • there is provision for active investigation, observation and discussion
    • children's inquiry is guided by their own questions and desires to learn
    • children can interact first hand with people, objects, places and events
    • children can represent their learning in a variety of ways
    • learning is memorable rather than memorized

    The CSC program is organized in combined grade groupings providing many benefits to students including strong opportunities for collaboration and leadership.

    We use our version of the 3 R's  (Research, Relationships and Representation) as the foundation for promoting learning that is relevant, meaningful, and diverse. To view the FAQ document click here.

    Child Study Centre Program Review

    The Child Study Centre program is currently participating in a program review as part of the greater District's Infrastructure Plan beginning in the spring of 2017 and concluding in the fall. We would like to invite all interested families to provide input into the review process by participating in an online conversation. Many of you will receive an invitation directly through e-mail. If you do not receive this, please use the link below to self-subscribe. 

    Program Review Survey

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Garneau School is a welcoming school community that is home to two programs, the Garneau (Regular) program and the Child Study Centre program. Both programs deliver the mandated Alberta Programs of Study through rich educational experiences for all children. Students from both programs come from a variety of backgrounds and communities, as they join to form the learning community at Garneau School. Our parents value the family atmosphere, quality education, cultural diversity and collaborative approach to learning.

Our learning community is diverse, and the uniqueness of each member is celebrated. We have several regular school wide events; Terry Fox Run,  Harvest Ball-O-Fun, Christmas Concert, and Pancake Breakfasts. Students, parents and staff work together to create a warm and welcoming learning environment.

Principal's Message

At Garneau School our classrooms and school learning spaces are flexible and engaging. Students access technology to interact with the world around them and support inquiry and investigation. Our learning spaces reflect our belief in communication and collaboration with each other and the community and world around us. We believe learning is active and interactive.

 Children’s investigations frequently take them outside the school building and into the surrounding neighborhood.  Garneau School is ideally situated to encourage first hand investigations of curriculum with easy access to Edmonton’s River Valley, the High Level Bridge, the University of Alberta, the Parliament Building, unique local businesses, and the LRT connecting us to the city core.

 Wanted: Subject Matter Specialists

We value the connections and involvement of our parents and the broader community. We are currently looking for parents and/or community members who would be willing to share their talents or expertise with our students to support their investigations and project work. If you have a hobby, or talent, or expertise in a specific area that you would be willing to share with our students, please click here to provide us with your contact information and details. 

 At Garneau School, we value relationships and rely on collaboration from all of our partners, including students, parents, staff and community members. We honour student voice, as children are actively involved and engaged in their learning, and parent voice as we work together to create learning opportunities that are valuable to each child.

Yours in partnership,

Ann Parker


Garneau School