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Child Study Centre Program

The Child Study Centre (CSC) program is a grade K to 6 program that provides an environment for in-depth learning focused on 21st century knowledge, skills and attitudes.  Methods informing CSC instruction are project approach and inquiry-based strategies.  Through this approach to learning, competencies such as collaboration, creativity and communication are developed. The CSC program is grounded in an educational philosophy which is a distinctive feature of the culture and style of instruction:

Children learn best when:

  • teachers are responsive to individual learning needs and interests
  • children are interested in what they learn
  • there are opportunities to learn in depth, building on everyday experience
  • there is provision for active investigation, observation and discussion
  • children's inquiry is guided by their own questions and desires to learn
  • children can interact first hand with people, objects, places and events
  • children can represent their learning in a variety of ways
  • learning is memorable rather than memorized

The CSC program is organized in combined grade groupings providing many benefits to students including strong opportunities for collaboration and leadership.

We use our version of the 3 R's  (Research, Relationships and Representation) as the foundation for promoting learning that is relevant, meaningful, and diverse. To view the FAQ document click here.

Child Study Centre Program Review

The Child Study Centre program is currently participating in a program review as part of the greater District's Infrastructure Plan beginning in the spring of 2017 and concluding in the fall. We would like to invite all interested families to provide input into the review process by participating in an online conversation. Many of you will receive an invitation directly through e-mail. If you do not receive this, please use the link below to self-subscribe. 

Program Review Survey